A woman majority owned company, GP2 Designs LLC, was established in 2013.  With rave reviews, we help clients realize their design dreams come true.  We also have been honored by winning multiple awards throughout our short time as a company, and we are excited to see what the future has in store.

Gail Pedroza, principal and lead designer, grew up in a military family, traveling every couple of years.  After years of travel, she finally laid roots in South Florida.  When choosing a career, Gail wanted to find a path that would pull at both of her strong suits, art and analytics.  

Soon, she chose Interior Design.  After shadowing and meeting her mentor, she knew it was the path for her.  Gail  attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, which at the time, was the best school in Florida for Interior Design.  Completing her Bachelors degree in just two years while working freelance, she was honored with both Magna Cum Laude and the highest achievement award at graduation.

After graduation she was blessed to be able to realize her career by working at some of the best firms in South Florida.  This experience allowed her to work within different specialties such as hospitality, commercial and hi-end residential.  Thru this experience she learned valuable knowledge in details, design, specifications, client relations and more.

One of the best things to come from her experience was meeting her husband, without his love, support and name, GP2 Designs would never have been founded.  Soon after GP2 Designs was established, they adopted their beloved dog Max, who also is GP2 Designs' official  mascot.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Gail Pedroza and how GP2 Designs was created.  We look forward to meeting you soon and making your design dreams come true!





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